Key Signals Your Professional Phone System is ‘Failing’ or Nearing End of Life

Professional Phone System Failure

Email, text messaging and chat applications may help you stay connected with coworkers and colleagues, but the traditional telephone and phone call remain a staple of business communication.

In fact, a phone call remains the #1 method for initial contact above any other method including contact forms and email.

Your prospects are picking up the phone all day – and it’s pretty safe to say you are too. Think about it. How many times a day are you picking up the phone on average?

  • Calling coworkers
  • Calling customers
  • Calling vendors
  • Sales calls
  • Conference calls

You get the idea . . .

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5 Signs Your PBX Phone System Is On Its Last Leg

pbx phone system failure is the worst

“Time Is Money”

I’m sure you heard that one before. The fact is, downtime and productivity loss from pbx phone system failure can cost your business thousands of dollars in the blink of an eye. Today’s consumer has hundreds of options at their fingertips (literally); all one search engine away.

Don’t lose business all because your legacy phone system finally took a dive. You also don’t want to force your own hand when it comes to choosing a new pbx phone system due to lack of preparation.

That being said, check out these 5 signs your pbx phone system is on its last leg.

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