How Security Equipment Can Help Your Manufacturing and Logistics Company Cut Down on Property Damage and Improve Loss Prevention

Our priority is finding you a solution to help reduce loss or damage to propertyIntegrated security offers intelligent solutions which incorporate a variety of systems, technologies and devices to deliver the best loss prevention for retailers and other businesses with inventory and profits to protect. 

Here are 3 ways our security equipment can improve your facility: 

1. Cut down on property damage by identifying training opportunities
Many times, property at your facility may be damaged during transport from the production line to your staging area, from storage racks to staging, or even during loading of trucks at your facility – not to mention accidents that may occur in the parking lot. By reviewing footage after accidents, you can learn more about how and why things happen. You may find that signage, training and other measures can help cut down on incidents. Video footage allows you to make those changes and improve.  

2. Staff, drivers and visitors will likely think twice before misbehaving
While most staff are honest and honorable, it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch. Carefully placed cameras combined with lights and/or signage will help your team, visitors and wrong doers make better decisions. While cameras cannot prevent a crime or accident from happening, the knowledge that cameras are on site can help your staff slow down and think before they act.  

3. Access Control will help you make sure that you control who can go where
With proper planning and execution, access control solutions can help you avoid property damage and loss due to theft. Zone control helps you lock your facility down into different areas where you can approve or deny clearance to staff. Additionally, you are able to lock down your facility after hours to all or select employees to help make sure that nothing goes on without your approval first.