cctv camera system maintenance

It’s that time of year again (finally)! Warm weather has returned to the Midwest and the snow has melted for good. Time to open the windows, let in the fresh air and get some spring cleaning done. It’s also a great time to tackle some annual security camera maintenance on your CCTV camera system.

Regular security camera maintenance and upkeep is a great way to make sure that your cameras are functioning properly this year and for many years to come.

So what do you want to make sure and check up on, clean or even adjust during your security camera spring cleanup?

Check out the CCTV Security Camera Maintenance checklist below:

Camera & Camera Mounting Equipment or Housing

  1. Check the camera and camera lens for damage
    1. Is there any damage? Dings, Scratches or even cracks in lenses?
  2. Check camera field of view
  3. Is the camera monitoring the field of view you desire?
  4. Clean camera, lens and mounting equipment
  5. Dust camera lenses
  6. If camera is enclosed inside of a dome or other housing, make sure to clean the enclosure and dry it fully


  1. Visually check any exposed wiring
    1. Is there any wearing?
    2. All cables are firmly connected?
    3. All cable dressings are intact?
    4. All necessary insulation is still intact?
  2. If you suspect any wiring issues – contact your CCTV Camera support company for maintenance

Recording Equipment

  1. Viewing Permissions Audit
    1. Do all necessary personnel have access to remote viewing software on their PC, tablets or smartphones?
    2. Are there any personnel or devices that need to be disabled from remote viewing?
  2. Confirm cameras are recording
    1. Are all cameras showing up on your recorder?
    2. Are cameras recording properly?
  3. Check/Update Storage
    1. How much storage do you have for recordings? Do you need more?
  4. Confirm Backups
  5. Make sure viewing software and equipment are up to date
    1. If you are backing up your footage (we recommend it), test your backups to confirm they are functioning properly.

Ideally, we would suggest that you go through this security camera maintenance checklist quarterly. Far better to regularly check these things than to find that a camera, wire or other piece of equipment has been faulty for months and months. Additionally, today’s systems have updates and patches to their software that are important to maintain.

Andromeda can help you manage this process with ongoing security camera maintenance packages or regularly scheduled visits.

If you’d like to schedule some spring cleaning or get in touch with our team regarding your Security Camera needs you can call our office at (815) 836-0030 or email our team at Contact@WeNetwork.com.

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