Professional VoIP Phone Systems: Ideas for Your Business & Office

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems continue to add new features, integrations and capabilities which are beneficial for businesses of all sizes and markets.

Cloud technologies allow VoIP phone systems enhanced flexibility and scalability which makes them attractive for business owners and managers.

VoIP Technology for Chicagoland Professionals: Top Features

VoIP Phone Systems can help you improve account management and client relationships . . .

Phone systems help you stay connected with your staff, vendors and clients. You pick up the phone, hear a dial tone, type in a code and connect. But what else could you get from your phone system? What other features are out there?

Call Analytics: There are many data points you can assess using the call analytics available with a VoIP phone system. Get insights into average call length, call counts, and even staff availability. You can see what teammates tend to miss calls more often, what times of day calls are missed, what times of day call volumes peak and more.

Dialer: a dialer can give your sales and marketing team a big productivity boost. This also cuts down on misdials and will increase call volume in most cases.

CRM Integration: more and more VoIP providers are expanding integration options with popular CRM solutions. This connects your data, dialer and CRM (customer relationship management). Integration is something you must consider when choosing the best solution for your business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology will expand into new places

AI is exciting and opens up possibilities for many technologies and systems, including VoIP phones. AI is very good at automating tasks, segmenting data and even analyzing certain sets of data. Some of the ways you can use this data:

Customer Satisfaction Analysis: VoIP phone systems with call recording enabled could see benefit for customer satisfaction purposes using AI integration. AI can detect moods based on speech patterns. This data will be invaluable.

AI Enabled Translators: For businesses with global needs, AI translators can assist with conference calls and translation in real time.

Enhanced Interactive Voice Response & Auto Attendant: AI is changing the way Auto-Attendants and virtual receptionists work. Instead of a static program, AI allows callers to ask questions and interact with systems with a goal of routing calls quickly and to the appropriate destination without a full-time receptionist managing all inbound calls.

5G service increases call speed, quality and capabilities

While 5G service is available to certain areas and businesses already, this technology is not readily available all over the United States just yet. That said, as service providers invest in infrastructure, 5G will come to an area near you. When it does you will notice improvements to the functionality of your system. The cloud based VoIP phone system operates over your internet connection, so the stronger and faster your service is (5G vs. 4G), the better your experience will be. Look forward to fewer dropped calls, better call quality and decrease in service interruptions as 5G becomes available.

As always, it must be said that most or all of these functions/capabilities will be available and applicable for on-prem phone solutions, digital solutions and modern PBX phone systems.

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