Are your professional security solutions fully protected? 3 Items you must confirm to make sure your security cameras, access control system, burglar alarm and/or integrated security solutions aren’t letting criminals into your organization.

Security Solutions

As more and more business functions, processes and hardware integrate with your network and your IT infrastructure, new challenges come into play and many business owners are unknowingly leaving big opportunities on the table for criminals and wrong doers.

The truth is, cyber security goes well beyond your computers at work or your home. The threats to businesses and consumers by cyber criminals are ever present and only stand to get more serious as people continue to integrate technology into every aspect of daily life.

The internet of things or ‘IoT’ is changing the way we interact with devices in our homes, offices and even how we interact with one another and it’s exciting to see – but this new connectivity poses specific security concerns for many.

So – what does this have to do with the security equipment at your office?

Well, these devices are rapidly integrating with IT Networks. Cameras, Keyless Entry, Burglar Alarms and many other programs/hardware components are now taking advantage of data and the internet to create enhanced security capabilities and increased accessibility:

  • You can now check out the camera footage at your office from the comfort of your home via your smartphone or tablet.
  • Access control (keyless entry) systems can be controlled remotely, allowing you to lock or unlock areas of your building from anywhere.
  • Recording equipment now connects to the cloud where you can store/access unlimited backlogs of footage if need be.
  • Security systems connected to the network/internet have remote management options so you can perform software updates or troubleshooting without a technician required on site.

Needless to say, integrating your security solutions and hardware with your IT network provides many benefits to your organization – but how do you make sure that you are setting these technologies up in the most secure ways? What do you need to do to protect your business from unnecessary messes or incidents related to cybercrime?

1. Proper Configuration and Setup of devices on your network

Whenever you are adding a device to your network (and this applies beyond security hardware), you should consult with your IT partner to make sure no additional security concerns come up. So, when you start adding security cameras, access control or even an integrated solution to your network, you need to make sure it gets set up properly for best results and best security. Even something as small as a ‘smart’ thermostat or appliance can be abused by criminals to wreak havoc on your network.

Target learned that the hard way in 2013 when it is believed that a group of cyber criminals hacked into Targets customer database through an open port for their heating and air systems, stealing credit card information, customer names and more.

The moral of the story is, if you’re adding it to the network, you should probably let your IT Company know about it so they can properly protect your network.

2. Contract a professional security solutions vendor to purchase and install your security equipment

It goes without saying that you get what you pay for. That includes the type of equipment and caliber of service/support you get when you work with a professional.

There are many different issues that can come up when you don’t use a professional security solutions company to install your security equipment.

If you buy equipment on Amazon.com or from a less than reputable source, you don’t really know what you are getting. Will it work? For how long? Is it infected with malware designed to spy on you or steal data? Who can come out and fix it if something breaks?

Additionally, if you try to install the equipment yourself you might run into problems. Something might get mixed up during your installation or you might forget some security setting like mentioned above.

3. Make sure you know who is going to manage and work on your system long term.

There are multiple reasons you need to figure out who will manage your systems long term. You want to make sure that you have a responsive vendor you can trust to come out and fix things when the go wrong or just to remote into your system and troubleshoot minor issues.

Today’s different security systems also come with regular updates and patches just like the computers in your office. You might not need to perform updates as often but they are still very necessary. It’s these kinds of updates that keep your system healthy and protect it against any new threats to your network.

You’ll also want to protect your investment by making sure you have someone to perform regular maintenance and checkups on your equipment but that is more about protecting the investment than protecting your network.

Security solutions are meant to keep the bad guys out and the good guys safe, but there are times when adding security solutions can create new problems. Hopefully you’ve found this article in time to avoid any mistakes but Andromeda Technology Solutions can help you either way. Whether you need us to come in and make sure your existing set up is secure, or whether you’d like Andromeda to be the partner who installs, manages and protects your equipment from day one, we are here to help.

Give us a call at the office (815) 836-0030 or send us an email at Contact@WeNetwork.com to start a conversation and get things moving.