5 Areas Every Chicagoland Business Should Consider For Their Professional Security System & CCTV Cameras

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Whether you have a camera system already or you’re looking into installing some professional security cameras at your offices, there are some common areas that you’ll want to consider.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider the different purposes/reasons for your cameras. Things like:

  • Safety
  • Loss Prevention
  • Monitor Traffic
  • Quality Assurance

An Integrated Security Company like Andromeda can help you set your system up with these purposes in mind. There are also opportunities to integrate your professional security cameras with other technologies at your business like your phone system or access control solution. Make sure to discuss this with your security vendor or give us a call.

Without further ado – here are the top 5 areas you’ll want to think about for the CCTV Camera System at your office.

1. Parking Lot

Parking lots see a lot of activity every day. Your employees come and go, clients, vendors and more. With all of this traffic the risk of an accident increases and you’ll want to think about whether that risk impacts your business.

By monitoring your parking lot you will have recordings and evidence for things related to deliveries, car accidents, slips & falls, visitors and also any suspicious activity during off hours. This will help you avoid false claims, deter criminal activity and more.

2. Major Entrances / Exits

Monitoring traffic in and out of your buildings is one of the first items most business owners and property managers discuss when looking for a camera system. You want to know who comes and goes at your offices.

By monitoring entrances and exits to the building, you’ll deter wrong doers from bad behaviors or criminal behaviors

It is important to consider entrances and exits within your building as well for this type of surveillance. Do you need to record activity in a server closet? An area with confidential records? What about different zones at your facility? These are all things to consider.

3. Storage Areas

Depending on your business and services, you may have a storage area where you keep supplies, ingredients, parts or more. It is important to address what security solutions you need to make sure that things are organized and secure at the same time.

Setting up a security camera to monitor activity in a storage area can help with loss prevention but it will also protect you in the event of an accident.

4. Break Room

The break room is often an afterthought for professional security cameras but this is a space many businesses are beginning to consider as a part of their security vulnerabilities. Break rooms are an area where employees hang out. This means that there is opportunity for disagreements and disputes. Setting up a camera creates record in case this occurs.

Also, break rooms are places where accidents are likely to happen. Spilled drinks, food etc. can increase the chances of slips and falls. Setting up a camera in this space helps you protect the business and the employees from risks like these. Plus . . . with cameras, employees really think twice about grabbing drinks, snacks and food that aren’t theirs.

5. Staging Areas

Depending on your business, you may also have an area where product is staged for shipment, delivery or installation. If that is the case you will certainly want to have a camera monitoring activity here. Setting up a camera solution in this spot will deter employees, drivers, vendors and all other visitors from suspicious activity.

Beyond criminal or suspicious activity, monitoring a staging area allows you to collect important data.

A delivery driver says they never picked up a shipment – you’ve got footage.

An employee believes they forgot to include an item or items – you’ve got footage

You need to know the exact time a shipment left your facility and the paperwork on it went missing – you’ve got footage

There are other areas and things you’ll want to consider for your CCTV camera system but if you are just getting started, these five spaces are a great first step.

It should be said as well that installing professional security cameras will not prevent accidents, crime or other bad things from taking place. Security cameras capture evidence for you and serve as a deterrent for bad behavior. Most criminals will think twice if they know they are on candid camera after all.

Cameras also serve to protect BOTH your business AND your employees.

When it comes to putting together a strong security solution for your business, you’ll also want to consider things like access control (keyless entry), burglar alarms, integrated solutions and more. When you tie these systems together you can do some truly amazing things – just ask our team!

If you have any questions or comments you’d like to share please reach our team at (815) 836–0030 or send us an email at Contact@WeNetwork.com.