There are many measures of success for an IT & Security Support company like ours: year-over-year increases in revenues, profits, client acquisition, and so on. Each requires a great deal of discipline, hard work…and sometimes a bit of good luck. By all such standards, it’s fair to say we’ve had a good, long run so far here at Andromeda.

But one less orthodox (and often overlooked) measure of success is one that we hold dearest because it speaks directly to our core values as a company: client retention. For example, reaching all the way back to 1994—our first year in business—a (then) smallish legal-based medical consulting business signed on as Andromeda’s first major client. But it’s more apt to say, a managing partner of a local Joliet firm “look a flyer” on a fledgling IT support group of eager, knowledgeable partners (and sole employees) with very little in the way of “track record”.) So, maybe that much is a bit of the aforementioned “good luck”?

Now, decades later, that “smallish medical consulting business” is a well-respected name and major player in that space internationally and is STILL with Andromeda! Just as they (and we) have grown over the years, so has the nature and depth of our services for them. In 1994, it was enough that we could add or fix a Windows 3.2 PC and make it talk to a dot-matrix printer sitting next to it. Now, this Mokena-based firm has 3 servers, including an in-house Exchange Email server, and also relies on us for their Telephone System support, CCTV Security Cameras, Burglar Alarm, and Door Access control. Along the way, we have seen them through 3 entire office re-locations—from building wiring to wireless routers—and numerous expansions, oddly (or maybe not so oddly?) similar to our own.

One final word on this (ongoing) story: hopefully, it exemplifies why we choose the term “client-partner” instead of something like “customer”. Because—while it is true they pay us in this relationship—it’s unlikely that this firm would have grown as successfully over the years without the ever-expanding support we lend them. It’s equally true that Andromeda would not be nearly the service powerhouse that it is today without retaining client-partners like this over the years. Like the many other long-term “retained client-partners” we can number, at this point we know their system and needs like the backs of our hands. We can even anticipate many of their future needs. Conversely, they know we can “bring it” technologically when their needs grow or change and know we have their long-term interests in mind because those are also our long-term interests!

In the final analysis, we share the essential criteria required of “partners”: we rely on and simply like each other.