How to Upgrade Your Voicemail Experience With Enhanced Voicemail Features

Enhanced Voicemail Features

The internet may be the first place a prospect or client turns to find your services but picking up the phone and dialing your office remains the number one method of contact for business.

But what happens if nobody is available to take the call?

Hopefully you have a professional voicemail set up to receive messages.

For prospects trying to reach you, response time is critical. The moment a prospect calls in and leaves a voicemail there is a strong chance that they will move on and call your competition as well.

So – how do you get a step ahead of your competition and get messages into appropriate hands when time is of the essence?

You contact your technology partner and have them install Enhanced Voicemail features on your system.

Enhanced Voicemail Features

What is Enhanced Voicemail (VM)?

In a nutshell, Enhanced VM points to features and programming that makes your messages more accessible. This takes your VM system to the next level and gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

There are many different enhancement features for VM systems but two stand above the rest and are more commonly used in businesses across marketplaces.

Voicemail to Email

Probably one of our most requested VM enhancements is Voicemail to Email.

This feature converts a VM in your mailbox to an .mp3 or .wav file (audio) then delivers it to your email inbox.

For example, imagine you have an outside sales rep that rarely comes into the office – without some kind of enhanced alert system, the sales rep has no way of knowing that a new prospect just left an important message on their VM.

Instead, you want to alert your sales rep the moment a prospect or client leaves a message for their extension. You don’t want to wait until they check their voicemail at the end of the day to respond to important messages.

With VM – Email, an email is sent to the sales rep right after the message is left with a convenient recording of the message. Your staff is able to handle requests/questions within minutes, prospects have a better experience and you’re a step ahead of the competition.

Voicemail Transcripts

Voicemail Transcript technology takes the audio message someone leaves you and translates it into text. The text is then sent to either your email inbox or your cell phone.

This type of email enhancement means you can check messages on the go without interrupting a meeting or being physically present at the office. Most importantly, these features provide an almost immediate alert that you have a message waiting.

No more delayed responses due to staff members not knowing about their messages or forgetting to check their messages regularly.

If you’re interested in implementing Enhanced Voicemail features at your office, give us a call.