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We’ve spent some time over the last two months dedicating our articles to the Dark Web. Specifically, what it is and how your information is stolen and sold on the elusive Dark Web.

Part 1 – What Is The Dark Web & Why It Matters To You

Part 2 – 5 Ways Your Information Gets On The Dark Web

In this final article in our three part series, we thought it would be valuable to introduce our readers to some of the popular strategies and tools used both professionally and personally to reduce risk and protect you from losses related to data theft and the Dark Web.

One of the things we make sure to talk about with our clients in regard to cyber security and the Dark Web is that no matter how secure you make yourself and your business, these criminals are always going to come up with something new. It’s what they do.

With that in mind, there are still things you can do and one tool that you should put in place as your failsafe against all cybercrime and data theft.

How To Protect Yourself From The Dark Web

Identity Theft Protection

You invest time and money into data security at the office, but what do you do to make sure that your personal data is secure?

Personal data is very valuable to hackers and criminals. They can use it to steal your identity, open up lines of credit, purchase goods and more.

This isn’t a new story . . .

According to the Department of Justice, the average identity theft victim incurs over $1300 in personal damages. Not to mention reputational damage, time, stress and credit damages.

Because of how big of an issue personal identity theft is, there are services available that monitor your personal information for suspicious activity.

Services like LifeLock, IDWatchdog or IdentityForce are available to you among many others.

These services provide monitoring tools and alerts so when a criminal gets ahold of your info and attempts to use it, you are alerted and can cut them off before the damage is done. Some of them also provide insurance as well.

Andromeda doesn’t provide consumer solutions for identity theft protection but these services are a great asset to you for your personal protections.

Password Management Service

Password management is a necessity when it comes to keeping track of and maintaining strong passwords.

As you probably know, you want to have a unique password for every account you login to. So that means you should have a different password for Facebook, your personal email, your professional email, your primary bank account, any other bank accounts, Netflix . . . you get the idea.

On top of making sure your passwords are different, you should also make sure that they are STRONG.

  • No Personal/Guessable Phrases
  • Both Upper and Lower cases
  • At least 8 Characters
  • Include numbers
  • Include other characters – !@#$%&

Do you think that you’d be able to keep track of all of your passwords if each one were unique? Do you think that you’d be able to keep track of them AND change them every 90 days (at a minimum)?

If you answered no, you aren’t alone.

That is why so many people use the same passwords across many accounts.

But that is also how a hacker can get access to your Facebook or Gmail password and then log in to your bank account.

To avoid this, get your hands on a professional password management solution.

There are a lot of options out there and they offer different features. Some are free and some are subscription based.

If you want a great comparison of the leading options, check out this side by side comparison from PCMag here.

Add Cyber Security Tools to Your Data Security Arsenal

The previous two tools are great for protecting you both personally and professionally but Andromeda specializes in protecting and service your business so of course, we need to pay attention to professional tools too.

In respect to cyber security and your business, there are many different tools you need in place. Things like a professional firewall solution, spam filtering and professional anti-virus software (NOT Freeware) are the basics. Nonetheless, there are added layers of security you should request from your IT Service Provider.

Some of these might include:

These are just a few things you can have a professional technology partner handle for your business. Once you have these in place, you’ll be more secure and hopefully you’ll sleep a little better knowing you are proactively fighting off the criminals who want to ruin your day, interrupt (or even destroy) your business and steal your data.

Dark Web Monitoring Services

The Dark Web is an area of the web most people can’t or don’t regularly access. As discussed in previous articles, the Dark Web is an area where cyber criminals go to sell and purchase digital credentials (email addresses, passwords, personal information).

You won’t know a criminal has access to this data or whether they are using it against you until it is too late.

Unfortunately, with all of the different ways hackers and criminals can steal your data (Read our previous article for more on that – here), it is pretty much impossible to guarantee your data will NEVER be breached.

You should invest in password management, superior cyber security tools and identity theft monitoring. All of those services and tools will build up a strong defense system. However, you want to make sure that you are also proactively defending yourself from the attacks and strategies of tomorrow. You want to make sure you are defending yourself from the threats that haven’t hit the market just yet.

A tool that can help you defend yourself in this way is a Dark Web Monitoring Service.

In a nutshell, this tool scans the Dark Web for your businesses domain.

When an email address with your domain is found, an alert is sent out to your technology partner and appropriate actions are taken.

Password information changes before a criminal can get into your network and compromise data.

Andromeda Technology Solutions provides Dark Web Monitoring services to clients. We would love to discuss how we can help secure your info before compromise turns into catastrophe.

If you’re interested in taking a look at your current cyber security solutions and figuring out whether you are truly protected, give us a call or send us an email at Contact@WeNetwork.com. Mention this article when you contact our team and you’ll receive special pricing.

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