3 Ways Social Media & A Professional Social Media Strategy Can Help Increase Your Brand and Website Performance

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With the rise of social media, many businesses and marketers see benefits in promoting their company on the many platforms available: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – to name a few.

These social sites are a great place to connect and network or find people with similar interests but they also happen to be a great opportunity to introduce your company, give life to your brand, educate consumers and even make some profit.

How? What’s the secret sauce? Read on to learn more about 3 different ways having a Social Media Strategy can help your business with brand awareness, increased web traffic and lead generation . . .

3 Ways Having A Social Media Strategy Can Help Your Business

1.     Increase Brand Awareness & Engagement

There is no better way to establish your company brand and engage with your core audience than on social media. With all of the data available to you on these platforms, you are able to quickly and accurately target prospects and your desired consumer base. You can design your Social Media (sometimes referred to as a channel) pages to represent your brand and deliver your marketing message. From there, you can start to supply content that helps deliver that message to your targeted demographic.

According to a State of Social Media 2016 survey, brand awareness is the top reason marketers use social media. It’s easy to understand why: The average person spends nearly two hours on social media every day, and therefore social media is one of the best places to grab consumers’ attention.

Social Media also grants you the ability to connect with your audience directly, allowing for engagement levels that are normally not accessible through traditional business means. By engaging with your target audience directly, you allow your company to present a side of itself that is more personal, and therefore more relatable. By promoting that avenue of communication, you establish your brand on a much more well-rounded scale.

Plus, the extra level of engagement provides another area for customer service endeavors. Any issues or expressions can be taken care of through the digital medium and addressed for others to see and understand. It provides another level of access and comfortability with your target demographic.

2.     Produce New Website Content & Increase Overall Web Traffic

As part of a top tier social media strategy, a quality social media channel doesn’t perform without maintenance and dedicated time. To keep the engine going you need to consistently be creating and sharing new content all while engaging with your fans.

This can come from articles you publish, case studies, marketing slicks, a blog, testimonials, PR releases, articles you just share, questions to your audience and many many more activities/pieces of content.

This is all very important because your prospects and existing clients are not the only people who pay attention. Popular search engines also monitor content activity on social media/your website. When these search engines see you regularly churning out useful content (and yes, they know if it is useful and/or valuable to your audience) you will see an increase in search engine rankings across the board.

According to recent studies, three in five marketers use a social media strategy to distribute their content (blog specific) and drive traffic to their sites. A team at HubSpot, for instance, grew their monthly blog traffic by 241% over eight months through social media experiments.

That is a pretty amazing statistic right? Your probably wondering, “how can this be done? How does this help me?”.

By sharing the blog posts from your company website directly on social media channels you create backlinks– or links that lead back to your main website that help increase overall website reach – to your website. You also help increase your website’s favorability within popular search engines which increases your website’s overall organic search rank and visibility. This provides more opportunities for visitors to find your website organically, and increases the possibility of lead conversion (more on that below).

3.     Conversions & Lead Generation for New Business

You can also use enhanced methods on social media to increase traffic, bring in sales leads and conversions. To achieve these benefits you’ll want to develop a cohesive strategy with content, engagement and possibly paid ads; all sharing one common topic, theme or goal.

If you want to do so more achieve results without putting money into paid advertising you can use your blog. To do this you want to figure out your goal first. It might be registrations for an event, purchase of a product or even something as simple as increasing subscriptions on your mailing list.

After you’ve determined what you want to do, work backwards to create interesting/educational content that puts your message in front of the right group. For example – you may be hosting an upcoming event and want to increase registrations for it. To do so you might create a blog article or a white paper that relates to the topic of your event. You can share the content on your social media pages and have a built in call to action for registration.

Advertise your event on your social media networks when posting your blog content as well with specific actions for your audience to take (fill out a form, send an email, call the office etc.)

For a more aggressive approach to your social media strategy, you can utilize the paid social media advertisements, like Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads. Paid ads allow you to get in front of people that may not have already ‘liked’ your page. You can put your ads in front of people with similar interests to your customers (lookalike audience on Facebook), you can also ‘retarget’ people who have visited your website over a specific span of time as well (using cookies/Facebook pixel) You can also tie the advertisements directly into specific marketing campaigns that you have created, focusing on distinct landing pages for signups and conversions. And with advertisements, you can also directly correlate your success with your campaign success with social media analytics.

Why Not Set Up A Social Media Strategy For Your Business

Social media is a powerful tool that can open up your marketing and business to new audiences and potential clients. By utilizing a comprehensive social media strategy, you not only strengthen your brand and message, but also increase website performance and overall customer and audience engagement.

Not sure about how to set your company up on social media? You have channels but don’t have the time or resources to properly dedicate to managing the accounts and coming up with engagement strategies? Give our web development and digital marketing team a call today, or email us at Contact@WeNetwork.com

See what we did there? 🙂