Company Blog Increases Website Performance

If you have been on the internet within the last 25 years, then you know the word. Once a platform for writing exercises and journaling, the blog has taken on new life and meaning in the modern digital age.

For those who don’t know, a blog is defined as a web page or platform that is run by an individual or small group written in an informal, conversational style.

Example? What you are currently reading is a blog article. 🙂

blog definition website performance

Now, the once personal blog platform has expanded, covering informational articles, discussion topic, forums, and now – business and marketing campaigns.

That’s right. The blog can be one of your most powerful business marketing tools. In fact, the blog can not only help you increase brand awareness, but also – if done right- promote lead conversion and new business.

But how? What makes a good business/marketing blog? How can I utilize a blog to it’s full marketing potential?

A lot goes into making a great business or marketing blog, especially if you are looking for high website performance.

There are many components that go into a great performing blog, including website optimization (see web optimization article); however, as long as you have the basics you should start to see a difference.

3 Ways A Company Blog Can Help Increase Website Performance (and how to optimize for them).

1.     Constant Stream of Original Content – allows for site to constantly be updated and optimized for SEO

As we’ve stated before in our previous web dev blogs, your website should be a constantly evolving tool for your company’s marketing platform.

That means that once the website goes live, the site is far from done.

To keep your website, and brand, in the face of your prospects and search engines- you need to keep your website updated with a steady stream of content. This is where a blog comes in.

Search Engines like Google, Yelp and Bing love when you produce new content. They see this as a good site to index. It is also important that you have different content. You can’t trick the system by republishing the same blog articles or content over and over.

So, when you have an article with engaging content, it will benefit/attract your prospects and also improve search rankings/website performance at the same time.

You’ll also want to make sure that your articles are optimized to maximize this effect. This means that you want to use keywords that a user might actually search within your article.

By optimizing these pages for specific keywords outside of your current SEO strategy, the blog becomes an extra oomph to push more traffic to your website, and higher rankings within popular search engines.

Meaning – more people are likely to find you organically (free).

2.     Helps promote brand awareness – Social Media sharing and the power of the “linkback”

One of the differences between a good blog and a great blog is going an extra mile and using the content you create for other purposes. A great blog will utilize content to fit within a particular theme or strategy that produces desired results.

Why should people come to you for knowledge?
Why are you the experts?

As previously mentioned in our high performing websites blog article, making sure that your digital marketing supports a comprehensive brand is important for establishing you and your business and the ultimate authority.

Blogs are a great place to do that. Combined with a steady stream of content, blog articles can then be shared on your company’s social media platform – providing additional engagement to your brand’s audience, a steady stream of social media content and posts, and more link backs directly to your website.

The more shares your article gets on social media, the more link backs (or links established to take users back directly to your website) are created.

Thus, giving your website more juice for SEO traffic as well as showing potential client’s the legitimacy of your brand.

3.     Helps Generate Platform for Lead Conversion / Marketing Campaigns

And finally, as we discussed in the previous points, your blog can be used as an outlet for brand awareness and you can generate traffic to your site – not to mention increased presence on search engines with proper optimization.

However, what to do once users start coming to your site to visit your blog article?

Well, blogs have been known to help be a great strategy test zone for marketing campaigns. Keeping your audience interest, once the user reads your well written article – the next best way to start gathering leads for potential conversions is to have a free or digital download associated with your article.

Maybe not every single one, but once a month provide an article that allows for a signup – or a popup- promoting a feature or service your company offers that can be used for marketing and lead generation.

Then, supply a free offer or digital download, only redeemable once you fill out a form.

In the form, capture the necessary fields needed for your sales/marketing team to perform follow-ups.

Once your reader submits the form and receives their free item, you’ve opened the door to a conversation with a prospective client.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg…

Obviously, there is a lot more to generating a testing or full-fledged digital marketing campaign, but having the use of a blog article as a testing point – or even a starting point – helps push your digital marketing and website performance in the right direction.

Not sure how to fully take advantage of setting up or optimizing a blog for your digital marketing purposes? Give Andromeda’s Web Development team a call. Our team of experts can help layout the groundwork to help take your company’s blog and make it into the true optimization and website performance tool it was meant to be.