How Better Visibility & Data Can Make Things Easier in Manufacturing and Logistics

Your data should not be overwhelming. It should be simple. Our systems provide a safe and accurate overview of your entire facility without it becoming overwhelming and time consuming. Using Andromeda’s personalized plan for your specific integrated security needs will give you the peace of mind that you can only get when you know you are protected. This is how our video, access control systems, and network security all add value to your overall security… 


Security –  

  • Simple access to video footage 
    Accidents happen, and when they do you want to review footage to get to the bottom of things. It shouldn’t be a pain to get to the footage you want though. That’s why our solutions have easy to use data retrieval. You’ll also benefit from being able to define who can access footage as well as where they can access it. Access footage from smartphones, home PCs or tablets with ease.
  • Cloud backups take the limits off how much footage you can store – made to scale
    Whether you want to store video footage for 30 days or 3 years, the cloud has made it infinitely simpler to scale up or scale back your video storage. This is great for industries with compliance standards
  • Video analytics can be used to gain insight and improve processes
    Advanced video analytics can do a lot of work for your operations team to help identify areas of improvement. Gain insights into traffic patterns and volumes at your facility so you can be better organized and more efficient. Additionally, with advanced analytics and threat detection, your security system can respond in seconds when it matters most to dispatch for emergency assistance/response.
  • Access Control reporting tells you where your staff go, for how long and when.
    Access Control is great for security but it also gives your team data and insight into movement across your facility and zones. Each time a member of your team scans a fob or ID badge, data is collected that you can use to improve process and efficiency.
  • Access Control can integrate into time management solutions to simplify payroll
    Just as you can monitor the movements of staff across your building(s), you can also leverage the data of access control to handle things like payroll. This simplifies operations and can automate some of your back office functions.

Network –  

  • Gain visibility into your entire infrastructure down to the device
    Your network infrastructure contains many different devices – routers, firewalls, access points, switches, connected devices, servers, workstations etc. With smart organization and management with Andromeda’s team, you’ll gain visibility and control of your entire infrastructure.
  • Unlock and lock down Wi-Fi to make sure staff only visit sites you approve
    It is important that your staff can access what they need on your network and online. That doesn’t mean you should allow employees to visit malicious sites or spend unlimited time online. You can actively block specific sites or types of websites to protect your business while allowing your team to surf the web.
  • Advanced reporting tells you where your business uses the most bandwidth so that you can invest in infrastructure where it matters most 
    When bandwidth is stretched to the limits, things slow down and productivity goes out the door. By monitoring your entire infrastructure you get to see the areas that need more speed/attention. You can also make decisions on where you may want to prioritize/deprioritize segments of your network.
  • Digitizing workflows to streamline data entry and management 
    Instead of staff submitting physical paperwork (think drivers and the people moving product across the facility) – they can now do that digitally. This can also open up doors for you to automate workflows into your different software platforms.