8 Ways SMM & SEO Can Work Together to Bring You Results

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization have come a long way in popularity. Companies tend to put their focus on one or the other, assuming that they simply don’t have the time to optimize both. However, when put side by side, they actually have a lot in common and they can be utilized cooperatively to create a strong campaign.

There are endless ways to optimize your SEO and Social Media Marketing campaigns. Since it is difficult to determine which strategies would be the most productive, we have taken these top 8 techniques and fleshed them out for you.

Here are the ways that the two tools can work together to create something great.


8 tips on using SEO skills to improve Social Media Marketing:


1.    Post frequent, high quality content

If you company is on Social Media, you should be posting frequently to make yourself known within the market.

The different social media platforms have their own ‘best practice’ strategies for post frequency. Additionally, different types of posts (video, photo, written content etc.) are recommended for the different social media channels.

For example, marketers believe Facebook’s best hours for posts are 9AM, 1PM and 3PM with a post frequency of 3+ times a day*.

2.    Social media relies heavily on keywords

Social media platforms are search engines, so it is important to apply SEO techniques to them as well. You should research what keywords you believe will resonate the best with your target audience and demographics. Doing this will allow Google to find which posts are most relevant to its users. This also allows you to take advantage of hashtags (#SEO4TheWin)

3.    Different types of content can be used depending on your objective

Know what you want out of your audience. Depending on the content of your posts, you’re going to receive different reactions from your audience.

  • Views: Attractive posts
  • Engagement: Educational content
  • Views and Traffic: Humor
  • Shares: Insider information

Figure out what goals your company has within your social media marketing campaign and you can optimize content based on what you outline.

4.    Utilize images within posts

Social media posts that contain images are statistically proven to perform better than posts without. People don’t have time to read a lot of content – they are scrolling and if they see an image, they’ll pause and see what it is.

It’s not enough to just throw any picture with a post though. It’s important to make sure it’s relevant to the content within the post. If you are taking them to a Landing Page on your website, make sure that it is aligned with what you’re advertising – it will end up being bad advertisement and poor branding efforts if they don’t correlate well together.

5.    Push your brand principles when linking back to your website

Something people may not realize is that it’s possible for company social media profiles to appear next to organic Google search engine results. Due to this, it would be wise to make your brand efforts consistent across your website and your social media channels. If you successfully accomplish this, Google will rank your company higher on Google-powered social media networks when there are searches conducted relevant to your brand principles.

6.    Stay with current trends on social media and rules for Google SEO

A great strategy in general is to keep up with trends on both SEO and Social Media Marketing. For example, it used to be good to use a lot of keywords in posts and hashtags, but now you can get flagged for that. In addition, on social media, you are going to get ranked higher solely on the number of likes / shares your posts receive.

7.    Learn how to speak “spider”

FISHES for social media marketingInterlinking is a great technique used both for SEO and Social Media Marketing. Cross-linking social media channels to each other (i.e. Facebook to Twitter, Twitter to LinkedIn, etc.) is very effective. When uploading an image title, to make sure you appear within Google Images search engine, don’t forget FISHIES.

F = Frequency
I = Interesting
S = Structure
H = Headings
I = Inbound Links
E = Engagement (very important on social media)
S = Sitemap (important for SEO)

8.    Copy Adwords Ads to create effective title and description tags

One of the most critical ways to find the best keywords is to utilize Google Adwords. It’s free and allows you to figure out things that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to. Figure out which keywords work the best for your website, and implement them into the social media posts.

To conclude, techniques used for on-page SEO can be transparent with your Social Media campaign. The tips to rank higher for SEO can be utilized within a social media campaign. Even though they seem like 2 completely different elements, they have a lot in common and can work together to make a stronger company brand.

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For more info on social media post frequency and timing . . . see this article from Social Report .