6 Digital Marketing Musts To Keep Your Website Relevant

6 Digital Marketing Musts To Keep Your Website Relevant

What most don’t realize about building a website for your business is that your website is your biggest brand ambassador, 24 hours 365 days per year.  It works tirelessly to digitally market your company, constantly finding new clients and educating your existing ones. It is arguably the most public facing and most visible part of your company.  Your website is your brand, culture and digital marketing rolled up into one neat little ball.

When you are sleeping, it is working.

OK, I think you get the picture.  But just because you have a website designed and developed does not mean that it’s all easy street from there. Website development and maintenance is critical not just for upkeep but also to see real digital marketing results, and needs almost constant attention in one way or another.  Whether it is new content, taking down old stale information or just updating pictures – there is always something to do.

Start talking about Search Engine Marketing (SEO) or paid advertising (SEM) and you just added another level of critical web marketing  that constantly need updating in order to keep your website and your brand relevant.

With that, here are 6 reasons your website development is never truly finished:

Six Digital Marketing Musts to Keep Your Website Updated

1) Current & Up-to-Date Testimonials/Reviews Are a Must

Remember that client success story you were so proud of 10 years ago?  Well, they went out of business and your prospective client now knows this success story doesn’t really reflect your company today. In order to keep your brand relevant, you need to let prospective clients or customers know that your company still produces the same quality now as it did then. Reach out to happy customers to leave positive reviews on social platforms, like Facebook or Yelp – or even Google. You might also want to see about reaching out to happy customers personally and see about adding their full review and testimonial to your website. By keeping your testimonials updated, it shows that you are still producing quality work that lives up to your brand.

2) Images Must Reflect Industry And Product Standards

Woah! – is that a white CRT monitor in the picture of your office.  If you actually still have that monitor, please call us to talk IT – but since you probably don’t – might be time to update the picture. Showing updated images that not only reflect a modern work place also showcase your company culture. You want to give prospects the sense of who you are – and how better to do that then with pictures that actually reflect your office environment, your equipment and overall atmosphere. Plus, making sure you images are up-to-date lives up to current website standards and legitimizes you more as a digital marketing brand.

3) Products Come And Go

No, you don’t sell the XL3000 anymore, but those 10 pages talking about it are driving people to your site, you are attracting valuable customers with the wrong message. Now you disappointed them because you don’t carry the product you want and you are missing out on the clients you do want because you aren’t updating your content. It is very important that your digital marketing message is reflected in the website you present. And if the content on the site is not the marketing message or products you sell anymore, than you are not living up to your company brand. It is important that any changes to product lines, services, personal, etc. be updated relatively quickly as you want to make sure you are giving your prospects the best possible information about your company as it stands today. That way, your digital marketing efforts will be sure to attract and drive the right audience to your website.

4) Trends and Aesthetics As Well As Functionality Change Constantly

In the fast paced digital marketing world we live in – website trends change every 2-3 years and that 4 year old site really starts looking like that 1986 Saturn.  Now, nothing wrong with the Saturn – great cars, but you probably aren’t going to have people flocking over to check the Saturn out . . . you catch my drift. It is important that your website keeps up with current website standards and best practices. So while the website that looked great 4 years ago might not serve you as well if it is missing some of the key changes that have become standard best practices for website development and digital marketing. For example – if your website is not mobile responsive or SSL secured, something that was not a necessity 4 years ago – now will definitely hurt your company’s chances of being reached to potential leads since search engines like Google has made it mandatory for websites to adhere. As time goes on and the more a site utilizes outdated functionality, the more it will hurt your brand and company image.

5) Search Engines and Bots Reward Change/New Content

Search engines don’t reward sites with old, stale info and they start noticing that people aren’t really visiting your site anymore.  So, you are left wondering why your inbound sales leads are down and that is a vicious circle with a bad ending.  Time to refresh. Be sure to keep your website content fresh and regularly updated. The best way to do this is by creating a blog or articles section on your website. There, you can regularly update potential leads as well as existing customers or clients about trends within your industry while not only giving them a sense of the company culture, but also allowing search engines to see you are constantly developing new content. Content that can then be shared across multiple digital marketing platforms – like social media – and shows that your company is still fresh, professional and has great knowledge of your industry.

6) First Impressions Matter

And, the #1 reason your website is never finished . . . You are trying to grow your business and make more money . . . frankly, your website is the first place people go to check you out – long before they have talked to a single person at your company.  It needs to be current and relevant – always make it a priority. This means that the look, feel and overall design should not only reflect your current company brand standards, it should also live up to modern web design standards. A prospect is going to take a company more seriously if their website is sharp and current rather than if it looks like it was developed in 2004. So even if the content is relevant, updated regularly, images are fresh and has great testimonials – if it does not look visually current than those potential leads will most likely jump ship before they even get to your content.

It can seem a bit daunting – keeping up with all that is needed to make sure your website and digital marketing is constantly working for your benefit. It can be a full time job in and of itself! But don’t worry – Andromeda’s website development department can help you with any and all your website development and digital marketing needs. You never have to worry about keeping your website constantly updated. That’s our job. Interested? Give us a call at 815-836-0030 or Contact@WeNetwork.com today!