5 Ways Integrated Security Can Improve Staff Safety for Manufacturing and Logistics

Keeping your staff safe and productive is our top priority. Andromeda knows that you have sensitive data, valuable equipment, and lives to protect and it is our job to give you the best solution to keep it all safe and secure. We go far beyond protection from theft and vandalism.

Here are 5 Ways  Integrated Security Can Improve Staff Safety:

1. Visibility into high traffic and high-risk areas at your facility 

Incidents at facilities like yours often occur in high traffic areas with a variety of common issues such as low light, tight aisles, lack of signage etc. By placing cameras strategically at your building(s) you gain insights into these incidents so that you can take appropriate action and remedy.  

2. Access Control helps make sure that only approved personnel can enter your facility  

Access Control and keyless entry allow you to lock down your facility down to the individual level. Each member of your team can be assigned specific hours they can and cannot access your facility. This can be applied at the individual level, team level and can be customized at different locations.  

3. Zone control to help manage activity inside your facility  

Keyless Entry systems secure your entry and exit points but you can also implement zone control inside of your building(s). This allows you to assign specific areas of your facility that different teammates and teams can/cannot access. This can also be customized for different times/days. For instance, you can create specific zone controls for vendors that visit regularly such as cleaning services and repair services.  

4. Security Cameras to monitor exterior and parking lots  

Cameras and security equipment are helpful for safety inside your building and they are just as important for watching over exteriors and parking lots. Features that help you stay on top of activities can include:  

    • Motion Activation  
    • Thermal View  
    • Enhanced night vision 
    • License plate detection  
    • Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ)

5. Advanced threat response with gunshot detection & police dispatch 

As hard as it is to imagine, advanced threat response with gunshot detection and police dispatch helps you respond as quickly, securely and effectively in the event of an emergency or threat. These systems use data and AI to identify threats and can be programmed to perform essential actions in seconds including 

    • Facility Lockdown (Entrances, Exits and Zones in your building(s))  
    • Police and Emergency dispatch  
    • Mass communications