At Andromeda, one of our core values is COMMUNICATION. During the recent pandemic and adjusting to a work-from-home status, we made it a high priority to maintain a high level of communication across our entire team. One of the ways we communicate with each other is through the Microsoft Teams application.

Earlier this year, we started to use Microsoft Teams application for internal communication. Since we started our work-from-home policy with the entire staff, Teams has been a lifesaver. It has allowed us to see the people we work with while we talk to them and also share screens to further our communication efforts. Also, the whiteboard that Teams offers has been useful for brainstorming and note taking. We have found that there are less errors in communication when you can see the person you are speaking with as opposed to an email or phone call.

Each Friday, Andromeda’s President Jeff Borello has a gathering for the entire staff through the Teams app. We use this time to remind ourselves that even though we may feel isolated while working from our homes, we are still a part of something bigger.

This is also a time for us to celebrate the great accomplishments of each other from the week and discover some things that are happening with our co-workers that we wouldn’t otherwise know about. Jeff also gives an update to the staff about how the company is doing and what big projects have closed and which ones are just beginning.

At the end of these Teams meetings, we are encouraged to talk, chat, share, tease, compliment, uplift and generally harass each other – just as if we were in the office interacting. It is an informal way for all of us to continue to build friendships. It is also a way for everyone to discuss what is working and what isn’t for them with this new way of working.

Another way we are connecting and communicating with one another is through weekly game nights. We have found ways to play charades, bingo, trivia and drawing games using computers and cellphones. It is another way to interact with other employees that you would not normally interact with during your day-to-day schedule. These games are not mandatory for the staff, and still a large number of them participate and enjoy the time.

Keeping our employees happy, motivated and productive during this pandemic is extremely important. Great communication is one way that we have achieved it.

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