“Our passion is serving others so they can succeed and achieve their passion”

– Mission Andromeda

Our core values & how they help us realize this mission…

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Winning starts and ends with Communication​

We firmly believe that everything in business (and probably life) depends on open, honest and consistent communication. ​

How does this show up at Andromeda? ​

  • We make it a priority to keep you in-the-loop and updated any time we are working together. ​
  • Technology can be complicated; we don’t make that worse with ‘tech speak’*.​
  • We don’t hide behind email, instead we pick up the phone when a real convo is needed. ​

*We will totally talk tech if you’d like. We’re nerds but we won’t assume you are too.

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Results come from Action​

Whether it is taking first step, fixing a mistake, or changing a process, nothing can happen without some action. We believe in making things happen, not sitting on our hands. ​

How does this show up at Andromeda? ​

  • Whenever you need our team, we listen, respond and act accordingly​
  • If we make a mistake, we take action to make it right​
  • When alerts or issues arise, we take extra steps to make sure we solve the deeper issue, even if that means taking action after the immediate problem is resolved
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Success is a product of Grit

When things look tough or the job seems impossible, our team digs in and does what it takes to cross the finish line for our clients and one another. ​

How does this show up at Andromeda? ​

  • Complex technologies and issues aren’t always solved on the first try, or the second try – we keep at the issue until its resolved
  • When we’re up against a wall, we try a new approach instead of quitting
  • Technology doesn’t run by the clock and neither do we – we strive for job completion
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Progress happens when you Own It

We don’t believe in hiding from mistakes. Ownership is one of the quickest paths to improvement. ​

How does this show up at Andromeda? ​

  • Every project / task at Andromeda has an ‘owner’ – that means that person is accountable for driving it to the finish line
  • When we mess up, we own it – no finger-pointing and no excuses
  • If something doesn’t go the way we plan, we will make it right and then update you on what we’ve done to make sure it doesn’t happen again

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