Letter From The ​President

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One of the great things about a web site is the abundance of space available to write your thoughts. If I could have a few minutes of your time, I would like to explain my vision of a great service company.​

Gone are the days of full service gas stations with attendants seeing to your needs. No longer do you travel downtown to your local hardware store, to have the owner help you find the exact bolt you need. But despite all appearances that old-fashioned customer service is dead, it is, in fact, not. It is alive and well here at Andromeda Technology Solutions.​

Not only is it alive, customer service is our biggest passion. During a time when many companies like to speak of customer service, without having any clue about what it really means, we have dedicated our lives to providing each customer with the best service possible. Simple things like hard work, attention to detail, and doing what is right are not a special occasion for us, but rather our basis for each and every day. If you call and we are not available, we call you back sooner rather than later. If we are running late (yes, sometimes it happens)—we call. If it is broken, we do whatever it takes to get it fixed.​

Customer service is my passion, and I dedicate every day to making sure that it is also the passion of Andromeda Technology Solutions. Over the past 10 years I always thought opening an old-fashioned, full-service gas station would be a great idea. I know nothing about gasoline; so instead, I started an old-fashioned, full-service computer company.​

I thank you for taking the time to share in our vision​.

Jeff Borello
CEO, Andromeda Technology Solutions