Chicago, Illinois, October 2021 – On Tuesday, October 26, 2021, Jeff Borello, co-founder and CEO of Andromeda Technology Solutions, was invited to share his knowledge with Anna Davlantes and the Chicagoland area on WGN radio with a Tech Tuesday interview.

Tech Tuesday is a weekly series on WGN dedicated to sharing tech information and cybersecurity education.

Anna started off the show talking to Cybersecurity Non-Profit President Abdel Sy Fane discussing the metaverse and then took a security quiz with Jeff. Jeff had a 6-question assessment that would tell how secure your data is. He explained that security threats are always present and how important it is to protect yourself and your business. Anna turned out to be very secure after taking the assessment, but Jeff did point out a few areas where she should improve.

Jeff also explained that the average person has 100 passwords to remember. Of course, this is far too many for any one person to accurately remember if they are all unique, which is also very important. He recommended using a password manager to safely store all of these passwords. Adding multi-factor authentication to your accounts that store sensitive information is also very important.

Listen to the full show here.

Take the security assessment for yourself here.

Jeff Borello co-founded Andromeda Technology Solutions with Bill Utz and Pat McDonald in 1994. As CEO, he is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the company, but more specifically takes the lead on two of the most important things in the company:  Client Satisfaction and Company Culture.

Andromeda Technology Solutions provides technology support for businesses with Managed IT Services, Building Security Solutions (Security Cameras, Access Control, Burglar Systems), Telephone Solutions, and Web Design. Servicing Greater Chicagoland, Northwest Indiana, and Greater Milwaukee in Wisconsin. Established in 1994, Andromeda strives to achieve their core purpose and mission, “Our passion is serving others so that they can succeed and achieve their passion.”

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