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Staff Safety

Data Audits

Loss Prevention

IT Infrastructure

Business Continuity

Integrated Security Solutions

  • Visibility into high traffic and high-risk areas at your facility
  • Access Control helps make sure that only approved personnel can enter your facility 
  • Zone control to help manage activity inside your facility
  • Security Cameras to monitor exterior and parking lots 
  • Advanced threat response with gunshot detection & police dispatch 
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Locate the data you need when and where you need it

  • Simple access to video footage
  • Video analytics can be used to gain insight and improve processes
  • Access Control reporting tells you where your staff go, for how long and when
  • Gain visibility into your entire infrastructure
  • Unlock and lock down Wi-Fi
  • Digitizing workflows to streamline data entry and management
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Decrease product damage and improve loss prevention

  • Cut down on property damage by identifying training opportunities
  • Staff, drivers and visitors will likely think twice before misbehaving – with HD CCTV cameras and surveillance
  • Access Control allows you to control who can go where
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Increase security and stability with segmented networks

One important step you can take to defend against this is to segment your networks and add layers to protect the different networks of your business.

  • What does it mean to segment your network?
  • Why do you want to segment your network?
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Business Continuity you can count on

Business continuity planning is taking disaster recovery to the next level. It includes prevention of data loss, and enables ongoing operations before and during execution of disaster recovery. These are some parts of that plan…

  • Audit your network infrastructure to identify all devices
  • Disaster Recovery Device & Plan
  • Assess Your Cybersecurity
  • Defined SLAs with essential vendors
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