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EMR/EHR Software Implementation
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Executive Summary
8 years experience with installing & supporting EMR/EHR systems
Extended experience with Greenway PrimeSUITE™, AllMeds®, AllScripts™, GE Centricity®, Varian installations throughout the Chicago and Joliet areas
Remote Office Expertise
We offer secure, hosted (cloud-based) EMR solutions which lessen impact on your data network
All of our EMR/EHR system installers and support personnel are certified for IT systems work
Experts at integrating with and leveraging your current data network infrastructure
Same-Day emergency service in our NE Illinois service area: Chicago, Joliet, Frankfort,Oswego,Morris

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Our Mission

To provide our customers with exceptional service.

To be a full service organization specializing in the technology needs of businesses.

To provide both equipment and service, so our customers need only make one call to get their job done.

To place customer satisfaction above all else.

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 Andromeda: Your Key To Unlocking The
 Benefits Of EMR/EHR For Your Practice

emr system install plainfield illinois  8 Years Of EHR Installation Experience Leverage Your Current Network For EMR   Remote Office Expertise   Free Network Evaluation *

The Congressional Budget Office predicts 90% of physicians and 70% of hospitals will be using a comprehensive, robust Electronic Health Record over the next few years. Why you should not be one of the holdouts:
EHR install doctors dupage

emr medical group naperville Earliest Possible Adoption IS The Key To Maximum Benefit

Government financial incentive for early adoption of EMR systems had been an important motivator, of course. But it is worth noting that the ultimate benefit of implementing such a system lies in the stream-lined efficiency and ease with which it will allow you to conduct your practice. In fact, an HHS news release cites:

"Today’s data brief found that the ability to easily share electronic information with other care givers, an important component of chronic care management, is...a major motivation for physicians to adopt EHRs. Among physicians who adopted health IT before incentive funds were available, the ability to electronically exchange clinical information with other health care providers was the greatest motivator for adoption.

More than a third of physicians who adopted EHRs after HITECH was enacted cited this capability as a major influence in their decision to adopt, and almost 4 in 10 physicians who were not using an EHR reported that the ability to electronically exchange clinical information would be a major driver in their decision to adopt."

This is true for both internal interactions among your staff and with patients as well as external interactions with hospitals and government health entities. The benefits extend well beyond government reporting and patient billing. They reach into the very heart of your daily practice: patient charting, self-documenting prescriptions, appointment scheduling, information flow among doctors and hospitals, and much more. Mistakes and miscommunications in any of these areas can be both costly and dangerous—EMR systems can be your best weapon against them! Clearly, delayed implementation of an EHR/EMR simply delays the daily benefits that you will ultimately reap from one.

Once you choose the best EHR/EMR solution for your particular needs, the final "wildcard" in the process is ensuring a prompt, complete, and error-free installation and setup of the system that best leverages your current IT infrastructure along with the support you will need as your practice grows. With over 8 years of experience with EHR alone and many more years serving the IT needs of small businesses generally, Andromeda is the final key to your successful adoption of an EHR system!

“Having Andromeda install and set up our Greenway EHR suite was a great decision for us. Their previous experience with these systems really showed. Not only did the installation take only a fraction of the time anticipated, but the service was incredible! I didn't have to lift a finger from Day 1 to 'Go Time'. And Andromeda really covered all the bases in integrating the complete EHR system with our IT network: no surprises. Andromeda is the way to go!”

Practice Manager
Hinsdale Gastroenterology

We are experts in the following critical aspects of EMR/EHR system installation and setup:
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) setup among remote offices
  • Remote document/image scanning
  • Seamless network scanner/webcam/printer installation
  • Setup and configuration of servers, desktops, laptops, tablets...
  • ZetaFax (for e-prescription functionality)
  • A 100% EMR-compatible, off-site backup solution—the ultimate in disaster recovery!

How Can We Be So Confident?

  • Since our inception (1994), we have served all manner of small businesses, providing IT software & hardware installation, service, and support from building wiring to server/computer setups, from websites to email/web hosting, from in-house data networks to integrated remote office voice networks.
  • For more than 8 years, we have been installing and supporting EMR/EHR and Practice Management systems for physician offices throughout northern Illinois.
  • Our EMR installations include top vendors such as Greenway PrimeSUITE™, AllScripts™, gMed™, GE Centricity®, AllMeds®, Varian, and more...
  • Anyone can sell you a bloated set of hardware or—worse—an unstable "not quite enough memory" headache. Our vast general & EHR-specific data networking experience enables us to specify a "mama bear" just right, memory/server configuration every time! There's no need to gamble with your own business!
  • Our unsurpassed local support means you are typically never more than a few days away from a service call from one of our IT-certified technicians on staff. Same-Day emergency service is the normnot an exception!
  • Sounds too good to be true? We're happy to provide you with references from among our many satisfied EMR/EHR customers.

Hosted "Cloud-Based" EMR Solutions

Cloud-based or hosted EMR (also known as ASP, web-based, or Saas EMR) is a newer option for medical facilities interested in making use of EMR systems. In essence, Andromeda Technology Solutions can host your actual EMR software system on its own secure servers while you interact with it just as if the system resided physically within your office. Compared to a traditional in-house client/server model, this solution can shorten the implementation cycle and greatly reduce impact on your current data network while significantly reducing up-front costs.

This is a summary of the Hosted Solutions we offer for EMR/EHR medical software. While we customize each solution to match the customers’ needs, common features and options of our setups include:

  • Both dedicated and semi-dedicated servers are available.
  • State-of-the-art hardware, including Dell and Lenovo Systems.
  • 24x7x365 monitoring of servers and software.
  • Redundant hard drives and power supplies to protect against hardware failure and eliminate downtime
  • Hourly backups and nightly offsite copy.
  • Hot-spare server that can take over for a failed device in under one hour.
  • Chicagoland area data center was built to ANSI / TIA 942 Datacenter Standards. SAS70 Type 2 Datacenter audited by third party firm
  • Customers and clients have been audited and passed HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, SAS-70
  • Data center is PCI compliant for credit card handling and handling of financial data
  • Multiple Physical POEs (points of entry) for fiber inputs into center
  • Redundant APC UPS's: uninterruptible power supply batteries, powers equipment during generator startup
  • Cummins diesel generator: Hospital-grade diesel generators provide for all datacenter operations
  • N+1 Power Redundancy on all systems. No single point of failures possible
  • Generator backup: 24 hours of on-site fuel plus emergency refueling service to resupply in an emergency

Andromeda will either work with your current IT vendor or directly with you to get connected to your applications at the data center. There are various ways this can be done; the best approach will depend on your exact needs.

Please contact us or fill in a Request Form now to learn more about the many ways we can assist you in this process. It's not as daunting a task as you might believe when you have experienced partners at your side!

ehr install medical practice illinois Government Incentives For EMR/EHR

Unfortunately, as of this writing, you are too late to partake in any of the ARRA HITECH government incentives if you have not yet established "meaningful use" of an Electronic Health Records system in your practice (or hospital). (However, you may continue to receive benefits until 2016 if your system was in use prior to 2014.)

ARRA HITECH Act* Physician
Reimbursement Plan (Medicare)

Electronic Health Records Software
EHR Adoption
2011 2016



* Limitations apply. This material presents Andromeda's interpretation of the stimulus act as described in the HITECH Act Excerpt From ARRA portion of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Please consult the United States government websites for specific details. Andromeda relies on information from 3rd parties and accepts no responsibility or liability for the content provided herein.

ehr implementation IT plainfield The Key Is Prompt, Error-Free Installation!

emr software install chicago

So, what will it take for you to achieve earliest possible benefits of an EHR system? It is essential that the installation be complete and error-free before training begins. Even one "flaky" machine, connection, or component means that training is delayed or, worse, trainer and trainee get hopelessly confused over a problem that isn't even theirs to deal with!

This is precisely the area where Andromeda shines. First, while we are not EMR selection consultants, our vast experience in the field gives us access to resources—some offering free services to their clients!—that provide individualized, non-partisan advice for EMR/EHR selection.

More to the point, Andromeda makes the installation/support step of the process completely painless.

Please contact us or fill out a Request Form now to learn more about the many ways we can assist you in this process.

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