Andromeda Technology Solutions proudly bestowed the Core Values Award to Mike EdwardsProcurement Wizard, for his outstanding work in the second quarter of 2019 

The core values that Andromeda makes a priority with every team member every day are: 

  1. Communication: Winning starts and ends with communication 
  2. Action: Results come from action 
  3. Grit: Success is a product of grit 
  4. Own It: Progress happens when you own it  

Mike lives these values and he believes clients and teammates should be able to call him anytime. He never wants to be a person that you feel like you can’t call! He loves to share his knowledge with anyone who asks. His philosophy is win/win for everyone. If he can share his knowledge and it helps the clients faster, better, and with less stress for them then he knows he has done his job. 

Mike has a great attitude every day. Here is how he sums it up, “I am here to help you as best as I can. I believe that information should be shared and made accessible to anyone who wants it. I am in this grind with everybody here, so I am going to do my best to stay positive and HELP make things better. It’s actually a choice to be this way, and it’s not always easy.” 

Jeff Borello, Andromeda CEO, stated, “One of Mike’s best traits is his teamwork.” He exemplifies what this means for our organization everyday. 

When Mike isn’t at Andromeda sharing his knowledge and helping clients, he enjoys snowboarding and wakeboarding. His free time is spent with his wife Alexa and corgi, Lucy. Lucy is also known to make an appearance here and there at the office. She agrees that he deserved the award – she just wishes it was made of treats!  

Congratulations to Mike Edwards for his outstanding accomplishment.