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Data Networking tech service Chicago-Joliet
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Executive Summary
Authorized Dealer for HP, Cisco and Sonicwall.

We have extensive experience in all aspects of networking:
- Computer LANs
- Computer WANs
- Computer VPNs
- Computer Network Switches
- Data Network and Voice Wiring
- Wireless Networks
- Remote Access
- Multiple Locations
- VoIP
- Web/Email Hosting
- Web site design & construction
- Web site Search Engine Optimization

We can implement and maintain every part of your business network.

Office Computer Upgrades, Installation, Setup, Service...

Andromeda Technology Solutions will configure, order, deliver, and install your new computer per your specifications. Our engineers work closely with you to ensure that the system will meet your exact needs.
For example, existing clients may simply call to tell us they have a new employee starting in a given position, and we take care of the rest.
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Through our many years of experience with and detailed understanding of all aspects of business computer and network hardware, software, and data handling, we consistently meet the needs of our existing clients. They make one phone call and we handle everything else.
We provide all the pieces to complete your computer system: printers, fax modems, scanners, PDAs/handhelds, and Internet connections.
We’ll also help you pick the most appropriate application software for your business.

Desktops, Laptops, Servers

As a certified dealer/partner with DELL Computers, Andromeda Technology Solutions can supply and set up your entire office. We provide desktops, laptops and servers, from a single workstation to a 200-computer network. We will place your order and install the entire system.

We have the systems custom built according to your needs. We will take the time to figure out exactly what will be needed and will go the extra mile to make sure all the bases are covered. We don’t just plan for today – we will also take into account future growth and expansion plans that you may have.

Printers, Handhelds and Other Peripherals

Computers continue to extend farther into the business world everyday. Far beyond simple printers of yesterday, there are Smart Phones, network cameras and hundreds of other devices that need to integrate and communicate with your computers and your network.
internet access computer setup virus protection, Homer Glen
We can supply any peripheral that you need. For printers, we are an HP Certified Dealer, but have experience with Lexmark, Okidata, Epson and all other major vendors.

When it comes to Handhelds and smart phones, we are experts in all aspects of getting your data syncing with your mobile unit. From a simple Palm connected to your PC all the way up to a fleet of Blackberries, Androids, and iPhones receiving all users’ Email, Contacts and Calendar entries wirelessly – we can get you syncing in no time.

Network cameras, lab equipment, door access, scanners – the list goes on and on. If it sits on your computer network or connects to your computer – we can take care of it for you.

Backups, Maintenance, and Monitoring

One of your most valuable assets is probably your computer data: accounting information, correspondences with your customers, client files, on and on. It is the lifeblood of your company and needs to be protected at almost any cost.

At Andromeda Technology Solutions, we have a unique approach to verify your backup is working, and go one extra step to make sure you know it is working, every single day. If you do not have some way to verify your backup is working – assume it is not. We also believe in servers with redundant systems to minimize downtime due to a hardware failure. These include hard drives, power supplies, etc.

Part of keeping your data safe, is performing proactive, routine maintenance on your systems, especially your network server. We have several options to choose from, most involve a quarterly visit to perform preventative maintenance on your servers.

Beyond protecting your data, if keeping system downtime to an absolute minimum is important, we also have a monitoring solution available that will watch your critical systems 24x7 and notify us at the first sign of trouble. This allows us to get a jump on a problem, and often stop a disaster before it starts. If you cannot afford hours or days of downtime due to a system failure, we have the system to help protect you.

Please contact us or fill out a Request Form now to learn more about the many ways we can assist you with your IT/computer networking needs.

We provide computer and data networking repair, help, setup, installation, and tech support throughout Chicagoland and NE Illinois.
Besides the immediate Chicago metropolitan area, we are pleased to provide service to most of the surrounding suburbs including:


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