Microsoft Teams helps professionals connect and stay productive by bringing all documentation, communication and collaboration into one space. If you are like us, most of your day-to-day communication and activity is somehow tied to Microsoft Teams.  

Like many other software as a service programs, Teams users benefit from real-time product updates and feature rollouts. That means that the software responds to user needs and is constantly being updated with new features.  

Here are the awesome new features that have been added to your Teams app that you might not have heard about. 

1 New Meeting and Call Pop-outs When you join a call/meeting in the desktop app, it will pop out into a secondary window instead of confining your meeting to the main Teams interfaceThis allows you to have a meeting on one screen and the full Teams app open on another screen etc.  

 It should be noted though, to use this Teams setting, you must turn it on in your general settings.


2 Book appointments with Bookings. The Bookings app inside Teams is an easy way to schedule virtual appointments. You can manage multiple calendars, as well as communications with internal and external attendees, from a single source. The virtual appointments are then held via Microsoft Teams Meetings.

3 Raise your hand in a meeting. This is especially handy when you have a large gathering and don’t want to interrupt the speaker. You let people know you have something to say with the new raise hand feature in Teams. While in a meeting, select the hand icon in your control bar. This will highlight your hand icon on your video feed to let the rest of the attendees know that you’d like to speak. Once you have been allowed to share, you just click the icon again to lower your hand. 


If your team is ready to start using the full Office 365 suite of products and you need a partner to help implement it at your office, give us a call and we can help manage the process and installation.