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Executive Summary
Provide Technology Solutions in the following areas:
- Computers
- Networks
- Telephone Systems
- Paperless Office
- Security Cameras
- Access Control
Our Proactive Approach helps you focus on your business.
Our Attention to Detail is unmatched in the industry.
We have a Passion for Customer Service.
Calls are returned in hours, not days.
Have your technology work for you, by maximizing your network infratstucture for more than just computers: Voice, Video, Scanning, Security, etc.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with exceptional service.

To be a full service organization specializing in the technology needs of businesses.

To provide both equipment and service, so our customers need only make one call to get their job done.

To place customer satisfaction above all else.


Because of Andromeda Technology Solutions' focus on small business, we serve many different market segments. Some of our typical, and not so typical, customers are listed below:

  Law Firms
  Medical Offices
  Steel Fabricators
  Real Estate Firms
  Toy Manufacturer
  Customized Employment Training Organization
  Financial Consultants and Financial Institutions
  Income Tax Preparation and Investment Firms
  General Contractors and Construction Firms
  Non-Profit Community Service Firms
  Schools and Religious Organizations
  City, State and Federal Agencies
  Custom Cable Manufacturer
  Garage Door Service Firm
  Sporting Goods Store
  Medical Consultant
  Sports Arena
  CPA Firms

Virtual Non-Stop Vacation From Networking Woes
This is the story of a Joliet travel agency, with an affiliation to a major travel broker. They were converting their connection to the main broker from a dedicated T1 circuit to a DSL Internet connection and a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The reason was simple: It would save hundreds of dollars each month!

But what started as a simple project turned into a month of problems and headaches. The connection to the broker would be lost any time more than two PCs were used. For a five-PC office, this was a real problem. Staff members from the agency spent countless hours (everyone was afraid to actually count) during the month on the phone with tech support folks from the DSL vendor and the broker. Most of that time was spent with the two vendors pointing fingers at each other.

At their wits' end and facing more days of lost productivity, the agency owner finally decided it was time to call in some local experts. They turned to Andromeda Technology Solutions for help. In only one visit of just a few hours, the problem was completely solved. With our extensive experience with both DSL and VPNs, it was quickly apparent where the technical problems were likely to be. After a few phone calls with the broker's tech support and a few configuration changes, all five PCs were happily communicating with the broker's main computer.

Reservations are being made to exotic destinations and the office is back to running at 100% efficiency thanks to some technical expertise from the local connectivity experts.

For remote access solutions via VPN or WAN, give us a call today.

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So Efficient, There Should Be A Law Against It

One Joliet law firm needed to make their remote office feel less remote. When the price from their current computer vendor seemed a little high, they contacted us. When all was said and done, what they ended up with was a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between the two offices at a much more reasonable price…and a new computer vendor. We have been exclusively maintaining their 20 PC, Windows NT network ever since. Besides excellent Email and File Sharing capabilities, they also make extensive use of PCLaw and Palm devices. >> go to top


Phone and Computing Systems—All With One-Call!

When it came time to open a 4th remote office for one of our medical clients, Andromeda was the only phone call they needed to make for all their technology needs. We wired the new office for telephones, computers and cable TV. Once the build-out was complete, we installed their network—complete with 5 new PCs and a Wide Area Network (WAN) connection back to the main office. We also installed 3 new 27" televisions sets, and finished off the office with a Panasonic KX-TD816, voicemail and 9 new telephone sets.

The new office users were extremely satisfied with the one-on-one training they received and how smoothly the entire technology startup had gone.

One phone call to Andromeda is all you need to solve all your technology requirements. They have also opened their 5th and 6th office. Once Again, we provided their complete technology solution: Site wiring (audio, TV, voice and data), computers, telephone system, and network. The phone systems were a Panasonic TDA200 with 20 phones and a TDA100 with 12 phones.

Prognosis: 100% Cure For Budget Overruns
What the owner of this medical office wanted was good service and a known price. He wanted to know what his computer support was going to cost him each year. With a yearly support contract in place, we now handle every aspect of their main office and their 5 remote/subsidiary offices, including a new multi-million dollar diagnostic center. Utilizing a Windows NT network alongside a Unix platform, this office has everything from computerized transcription to access to electronic time clocks at the remote offices.
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Network "Toys" Do Real Work
A 300-employee plastic toy manufacturer in Montgomery that has over 50 PCs are now able to let other departments know of shipments, deadlines, inventory with a simple email. Since updating their network to a new Windows NT network, there salesmen are able to collect email from the road as well as send email to internal departments for ordering and delivery dates.

Internet access has been granted to all the network users, which allows for departments to acquire needed information from customer and sellers web pages. Via a VPN their outside salesmen are also able to access their internal AS400 system. This allows them to work as if sitting in their office, when they are actually thousands of miles away with the privacy and security that comes with a Virtual Private Network.
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Teaching An Old Program New Tricks

This Frankfort company has contractors spread throughout the country, all who need access to many company files. After years of using PCAnywhere via phoneline, they needed a faster, more versatile approach. A combination of an FTP Server and PCAnywhere via the Internet, gave them the flexibility they needed to be more productive. The same system that we recommended and installed in March 2000 is still being used today. >> go to top


It Pays To Invest In A Quality Phone System
For a financial planning firm, there is nothing worse than broken phones. In this case, it was literally the telephone sets that kept breaking. Their entire system was actually less than 10 years old and working very well for them…with the exception of the phone sets.

Every few weeks, another telephone set would stop working on someone's desk. This was a major disruption to the day. Over the past year, they had tried everything from buying spares to "overnighting" units to be repaired.

Finally, recognizing that the quality of their telephone system just wasn't what it needed to be, they decided to replace the entire system.

They are now the proud new owners of a Panasonic KX-TD1232 system, complete with voicemail and 13 new phones. Of course, besides the more reliable, higher quality phones, they have also found some great new features. They particularly like the "whisper call announce", which, during a phone call, let's the receptionist "whisper" into the earpiece of the boss to let him know the call he has been waiting for has arrived.

They also are making use of the ability to transfer an incoming call out to a planner on his cell phone—eliminating some of the wasteful "telephone tag" that had become all too common.
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Don't Tax The System!

One income tax and investment firm has made a substantial commitment in technology. Over the years they have migrated from a Novell system to a Windows NT Server, and now a Windows 2003 Server and have continued to make more extensive use of the technology to increase their efficiency. There are no phone message slips cluttering the desk of these folks…all phone messages are sent as internal email messages. Tax software and electronic scheduling are the mainstays of this system of about 10 users. Scheduling clients has become a problem of the past. With shared calendars and email updates all the investment advisors and secretaries are well aware of their counterparts agendas and available time slots.>> go to top


General Contractor SAVES Trees
For one Homer Glen general contracting firm, FAXing was a major method of communication. Now, a dedicated Internet connection and Email has transformed the way they communicate, especially to their downtown Chicago office. FAXes have been replaced by Emails and the old Windows 95 server has been replaced by a Windows NT server, providing a more stable environment and a much more reliable backup system.

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Community FULL-Service

One community service firm in Tinley Park, with several facilities in the area, has been using our services since February 1999. They have recently moved one facility into a brand new building, giving us the opportunity to wire almost 90 drops of Category 5e data and voice. Once the dirty work was done, we seamlessly moved their Windows NT server and 20 workstations into the new building. They were without computers for less than half a day! Along with the new facility, we have added 4 wireless network stations on the production floor. We have also added server-based FAXing, for both sending and receiving, as well as Email and virus protection. >> go to top


Serving The Village
On our first visit to this local village, we were stunned at what we saw: 40 PCs all communicating peer-to-peer, without any kind of central server. Backups were done remotely back to one PC, and were troublesome at best. Less than one year after taking over the account, they were completely revamped with a Windows 2000 server running Exchange, a dedicated Internet connection and Email accounts for most employees. Several remote facilities have recently also got dedicated Internet and Email to allow for better communication back to Village Hall. >> go to top


Open The Door To Productivity
Once running a small Lantastic network, we have completely replaced the network environment of this garage door installation company. From the PCs right down to the wiring, this complete overhaul has help this small company find new ways to increase productivity using the new system. From completely computerized quotations to using the Internet to map routes for drivers, the new computer system has invigorated the entire office staff and has made them anxious to learn new technologies.

Future upgrades may include voice recognition software to enable the slow typists in the bunch to create customer quotations faster. In the field, palm pilots will allow drivers and installation crews to take better notes in the field. This will also allow them to down load their notes into the database back in the office.

The new network has changed this paper-cluttered office and transformed it into a streamlined office of the future.>> go to top


…but Good Service NEVER Dies!
Our oldest customer, this legal-based medical consulting firm has been with us since July of 1995. This year, with falling PC prices, it was time to put any remaining dinosaurs to rest. Now, their 15 PCs are state-of-the-art along with their Windows 2003 Server running their web site and Exchange for Email and a Public Calendar. As they provide service all around the world, their T1 connection to the Internet is the backbone of their Email system. Recently, we have transformed their productivity by turning some government forms into electronic forms. Gone are the days of typing these many page documents on a typewriter (and hoping everything lines up). Now, they simply tab around the screen and fill each field out with 100% confidence that it will line up correctly.

Recently, they were struck with a hard drive failure on their server. Working throughout the night, we had them back up and running before the next business day, keeping their downtime to an absolute minimum.

Please Contact Us to discuss how Andromeda Technology Solutions can make these technologies work for you!



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